Print Leasing Services growing at the fastest pace since 2008


Due to the tax-efficiency of the leasing model, it is possible to get significant savings on the price of a copier when going down the route of MFP / MFD photocopier leasing or printer leasing. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade to something far more new and powerful than normally possible.

Clarity Birmingham Providers and Suppliers for Photocopier Sales, leasing and photocopier rental in Birmingham.  Photocopier Leasing for Sharp copiers and printers is a fantastic way of spreading the cost of your copier whilst ensuring it is professionally maintained and always available for everyone to use.

Why not service your entire office needs by investing in a MFD photocopier that includes: printing, scanning and printing with hard drive options? This can also be an extremely efficient way of providing a colour laser printer for your staff.  You can keep tabs on usage by installing print management software onto your devices. By integrating PIN or card access solutions you can monitor and charge individual departments for their usage.

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